Webcam Monitor

Confirm the test taker's identity before an during testing with OWL Webcam Monitoring.

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Good To Know
Adding Webcam Monitor To Assignment
How To View The Captured Images
Who Can View The Images



Good To Know

The webcam monitor allows you to capture any of the following:

  • Snapshot of Examinee Face
  • Snapshot of Identification
  • Random Captures of Examinee throughout the Testing Session

To add this feature to your OWL subscription please contact us at:



Adding Webcam Monitor To Assignment

  1. Go to the Testing Menu >> Manage Assignments
  2. Either Create a new assignment, or click on the Edit Icon of a current assignment
  3. Check the Monitoring box to capture pictures of the test taker throughout the test session
  4. Check the ID Snapshot box to have the test taker capture an image of their identification
  5. Check the Face Snapshot box to request a picture of the test taker's portrait.
  6. Be sure to click the Save button to record the assignment settings.



How To View The Captured Images

  1. Go to Testing Menu >> Webcam Monitor
  2. Click on the image icon next to the test taker you wish to view



Who Can View The Images

The following users may access the captured images:

  • System Administrators
    • See all activity in the domain

  • Instructors
    • For the instructor to have access to this feature they must be the assignment creator.
    • If they are not (i.e., the system administrator creates the assignments) the instructor must be added to the assignment as a test administrator.
    • These roles/groups must also be added to the instructors user profile.

  • Test Administrators




When your test taker launches an assignment that includes the webcam monitor, their computer or other device MUST have a webcam in order for them to proceed. Please be sure to include this information in whatever pre-exam instructions you provide.