Self Registration

Self Registration lets System Administrators create codes or links for users to access OWL.

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Good To Know

Self Registration is a function available to System Administrators only.

As of OWL v. 6.5, Registration has moved to the Testing Menu >> Self Registration

Registration codes can be used to:

  • Allow New Users to Setup Their Own Accounts
  • Put Existing or New Users into Assignment(s)
  • Place Existing or New Users into Class(es)
  • Linking Assignments with Flightpath. Go to Assignment Linking Help Page




Field Definitions

  • Name - Give the registration a name so that you can find it in the OWL list page
  • Enabled - The registration is automatically enabled. If you wish to disable the registration, and prevent distributed codes from being used, uncheck this box.
  • Eligible Accounts - Who can use these codes?
    • Existing - The personal must already have an OWL account to use the code to register for a new class or assignment. In this case they would be sent to the login screen.
    • New - This registration can only be used for people who do not already have an OWL account. They will be asked to set up an account first upon using the code.
    • Any - New or Existing users as described above are able to use the code.
  • Activation - How will their account become active?
    • Auto - You can have the account become active automatically. With this method you are trusting that the new user has provided you with accurate information.
    • Email -With this method you can validate the new users email address. The OWL account will not become active until the user clicks on a link that is sent to them in an email to the address that they have provided.
  • ID Field - This control will expose the Id Field on the account setup window. Users who employ the ID field for integration, should click "require" here.
    • Hide
    • Show
    • Require
  • Targets - use the appropriate drop down list to select the name of the desired domain, assignment or class. Select the type of user: Student, Proctor, Rater, Test Admin. Click the "+" to create additional targets for the same code.
    • Domain -If you are a system administrator responsible for more than one domain, select the relevant domain first.
    • Assignment - Code will be used to give user a specific assignment.
    • Class - Code will be used to put the user into a specific class.