Test Progress Monitor

Why Did My Test Taker See This Message?

If your subscription limits the number of concurrent tests, and that threshold has been met, the next user who attempts to launch an activity will see a message saying "No testing slots available. Please tray again in a few minutes."

What Are Concurrent Test Slots?

Our goal is to provide users with an efficient and cost-effective test management experience. Concurrent Testing Slots is one way we can more effectively manage system resources. For that reason, some OWL subscriptions limit the number of open test sessions at one time. Concurrent test slots are the number of open testing sessions for a domain at a given point in time.

Why Does A Test Slot Remain Open?

If a test taker closes their browser before test completion and does not return to finish, we refer to this as an abandoned test session. In this case, the test slot remains open occupying one of your allotted concurrent test slots. A test slot remains open until:

  1. The test taker finishes the test;
  2. The timers on the test expire; or
  3. You manually close the session using the accept or reset command.

Where Can I See My Open Test Slots?

The OWL Progress Monitor uses test slots to monitor concurrent testing sessions for a given domain. When an examinee launches an assignment, a session row will immediately appear in the test monitor to reserve the examinee's test slot. The progress fields will remain blank until the test taker clicks the Start Test button (i.e., No progress will be shown while on the system check and directions).

How Do I Close Abandoned Test Sessions?

If an open test session should be closed you can either "accept" or "reset" from the OWL Progress Monitor