Test Progress Monitor

The Test Progress Monitor displays the progress of all open/active testing sessions

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Good To Know
How To Use The Page Commands
Who Can Use this Feature
How Progress Is Displayed
Field Definitions
Concurrent Test Slots



Good To Know

  • The Test Progress Monitor displays the progress of all open/active testing sessions
  • The page refreshes and updates 60 seconds allowing you to view for continuously-updated information
  • Sessions remain active until either:
    • Student reaches the end of the test and selects confirm, or
    • Assignment is manually closed by using the Accept or Reset commands.



How To Use The Page Commands

1. Go to the Testing Menu and select Progress Monitor

2. Use the check box to select the testing session

Click the button for any of the following commands

3. Accept Response

When you use the Accept Response command, the test session is closed and the assignment is ready to rate. Any unanswered questions will be marked as incomplete or given a zero.

4. Reset Response

When you Reset Response, all questions are cleared, the examinee’s test record is deleted and they can retake the assignment from the beginning.

5. Enable Resume

This will allow you to override an assignment that is set to not allow an examinee to resume testing. The user will be allowed to continue to the test, and they will begin again at the same point where they had left.

6. Disable Resume

This feature is used turn off the assignment’s resume feature. If the user exits the assignment before completing it, they will not be permitted to return and finish at a later time.



Who Can Use This Feature

The following users may access this page:

  • System Administrators
    • See all activity in the domain

  • Instructors
    • For the instructor to have access to this feature they must be the assignment creator.
    • If they are not (i.e., the system administrator creates the assignments) the instructor must be added to the assignment as a proctor or test administrator.
    • These roles/groups must also be added to the instructors user profile.

  • Proctors or Test Administrators
    • These user types must be added to the Assignment's roster to see activity for the test takers of the particular assignment
    • Using Assignment Rosters Video




How Progress Is Displayed

The OWL Progress Monitor (formerly known as Test Monitoring) uses test slots to monitor concurrent testing sessions for a given domain. When an examinee launches an assignment, a session row will immediately appear in the test monitor to reserve the examinee's test slot. The progress fields will remain blank until the test taker clicks the Start Test button (i.e., No progress will be shown while on the system check and directions). The way progress monitoring is displayed has been adjusted in the following ways:

  1. Test Items Completed - shows item progress out of the combined total test items (on all sections )
  2. Current Section - shows section progress out of total test sections
  3. Current Item - shows item progress within the current section.




Field Definitions


Unique system-generated number to identify the testing session in the OWL TMS. This number is automatically assigned.


Name of the Assignment being completed by this particular respondent. (The Test Progress Monitor allows you to track more than one assignment at a time.)


Last name, first name of the student who opened the Assignment


Shows the date and time when the Assignment was opened by the examinee. This field will turn red if the Assignment has been open for more than an hour.

Test Items

Shows item progress out of the total test items
(Total is all items in all sections combined).


Shows section progress out of total test sections.


Shows item progress within the current section
(Total is the number of items in the section).


Yes/No - Indicates whether an assignment has the Resume feature enabled. When an assignment is set to Enable Resume, the examinee is allowed to continue a closed or incomplete assignment at the same point that they had exited.


Yes/No - This field indicates (with a value of "Yes”) that you have used the Test Monitoring control Enable Resume for this particular assignment, overriding the assignment’s setting. The default value is "No"

IP Address

Shows the Location/Computer on which the Assignment was opened.


The OWL Username of the examinee who is completing the response.


Unique number to identify the test taker in the OWL TMS. This number is automatically generated.


System-generated number to identify the OWL Assignment.


System-generated number to identify the specific examinee's test response.


OWL-generated number to identify the testing slot.