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This page shows users in the "student" role (i.e., test takers, examinees, candidates, employees) their current assigned OWL activities.

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Good To Know
How To Start Your Assignment
My Completed Assignments
Viewing Your Results
Field Definitions



Good To Know

  • Only OWL activities that are currently open/active will appear in this list.
  • This is the landing page for users who have multiple assignments in OWL.
  • One-time users are generally launched directly into their online activity on login.



How To Start Your Assignment

  1. To view the page, select My Current Assignments from the Testing menu
  2. To launch an assignment, click the clipboard icon



Field Definitions

Start To start an assignment the student clicks the clipboard icon

The circle slash indicates that the assignment is no longer available. This icon may appear if the user has begun the Assignment, and the Activity is currently open, or the student user has completed the Assignment

This is the title of the Assignment.

Tracking Number

This is a unique identifier automatically assigned by OWL. 
This field shows the Title of the Activity that is assigned. If no Title was given when this Activity was created, then this field may read "My Test"
If this is a language-based assessment.  This field may show the target language that the Assignment will assess.

Name of the OWL User who assigned the Activity to the Test Taker.
This is the deadline (date and time) for the Assignment to be completed.  When the deadline expires, the Assignment will no longer be made available to the Student/Candidate and it will be removed from this list.
Yes/No Indicates if this activity may be completed and repeated more than once.
Shows the status of the Assignment.  The possible values are:
  Activity Ready The Assignment is ready for the test taker to begin.
Activity in Progress

The student/candidate has begun the Assignment, and testing is in progress.
Ready to be rated

Assignment has been completed and no rating has been given.
Rating Final

Assignment has been completed and the results have been published. Once an assignment has been completed, the Student/Candidate can see their results by visiting the My Completed Assignments Page