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The Completed Assignments page shows all the activities that an examinee has completed in OWL.

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How To Use The Page
Field Definitions
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How To Use The Page

  1. To view the page, select My Completed Assignments from the Testing menu
  2. The examinee may view their results by clicking on the info icon in the leftmost column
  3. This info icon will only be active for the exam if the ratings are final and published by the administrator or instructor.



Field Definitions

Details If the test's rating has been finalized and published, the test taker may be allowed to view specific details about their test. This icon indicates that the rating details for the assignment are not available.

Assignment The Assignment Title

Tracking # Every Assignment in OWL will be automatically assigned a unique Tracking Number. The tracking number is useful for tracking Assignments as they move through the assignment, assessment, and reporting process. This Tracking Number will be the same as the tracking number that was formerly listed on the user's My Current Assignments page.

Activity The OWL title of the test, quiz or activity that is assigned.

Language If this is a language-based assessment. This field will show the target language that the Assignment will assess.

Assigner Name of the User who assigned the Activity.

Completed The date and time the student user completed the Assignment.

Practice Yes/No field to denotes whether this test was set for practice.

Rating If the rating the has been finalized and published, the Rating or Grade will be listed in this column. If the the rating has not been finalized and published, then no rating will be listed here. Instead, the phrase, "Not Available" will be displayed.