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Performing a Blind Rating

This tutorial demonstrates how to rate constructed response items (essays, oral response and translations) using rubrics in the OWL Test Management SYstem.

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Other Help Pages for Raters

Rater Module Introduction

This video provides an overview of the controls of the OWL Rater Module.

Start Blind Assessments Help

This is the rater landing page and is used to start assessments.

My Assessments Help Page

This OWL list page allows raters to view their past assessments.

Rater FAQs

What does an OWL Rater do?

This OWL Rater user group is responsible for manually performing assessments of test responses.

These responses contain human rated items such as oral response, essay or translation.

Raters can also see past assessments they have rated.

How do I start?

1, When you log into OWL as a rater, you will see the Blind Assessment Landing page.

2. Click on the Assignment you wish to rate.

3. OWL will automatically present you with a examinee's response for your assessment.

Start Blind Assessments Help Page

What are the Unrateable and Technical Issues boxes for?

These boxes can be used when something is wrong with a response that prohibits the rater from assigning a rating.

A rater can "Commit" the rating without selecting a rubric performance level by checking the Unratable box.


Technical Issues
This box can be used to indicate some sort of quality problem. 
With this option, the rater must also provide a rubric rating, or check the unratable box in order to Commit the rating.


These two indications will appear throughout the OWL TMS in the following ways:

1. When viewing in OWL Rater, these labels appear in the header of the Test, Section or Item.

2. In the Response Table of the Assessment List Page under the columns "Unratable" and "Technical Issues"

3. In the various Assessment Reports under the headings “Ratable Status” and “Technical Status”

How do I view my past assessments?

Go to the Assessments Menu >> My Assessments

My Assessments Help Page

How do I change or reset my password?

1. Does the url you are using start with "https://hosted.owlts.com"?

2. You can use this link OWL Password Reset.


What do I do if the password reset link didn't work?

1. Please contact your Test Administrator (i.e., recruiter, university, certification board, teacher).

2. Please do NOT contact OWL Testing Software directly to reset your password.

Why isn't the "Commit" Button Active?

If the commit button is greyed out there is a rubric or a rubric row somewhere that does not have a radio button clicked.

A rater cannot use the "Commit" button to perform a rating until every Item or Section that requires a performance rating receives one.

Start Blind Assessments (Performing A Rating) Help Page

Why Can't I Perform a Rating in My Browser?

It is possible that you are using an out-of-date browser.

Additional steps are required to accommodate Java if you are attempting to use Internet Explorer.

For more information see OWL's Current System Recommendations.

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