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John Jay College of Criminal Justice

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Compared with many other education-related software products and services, OWL
is a breath of fresh air. The platform is highly versatile and customizable, and can be configured to provide everything from departmental level placement exams to multi-media support materials for individual classes. ...A great product and service all around.

Tim Frawley, Manager Modern Language Center
John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Flexible Online Exam Management Solutions

The OWL Test Management System is a flexible online test builder and exam management system that allows users to create and deliver custom computer-based testing, tutorials, placement exams, certifications and online learning activities. Activities that can easily be applied to any business or educational need. With one Web-based system OWL users can: Build an Online Test Item Bank; Deliver Computer-based Testing; Capture Digital Oral Responses, Rate Constructed Responses; Automatically Score Items like Multiple Choice and Short Answer; and Perform Extensive Reporting on Results.

Installed or software as a service (SaaS) -- OWL has licensed applications or a Web hosted options for any sized organization. Manage your entire assessment cycle with one convenient computerized exam management solution.

BUILD and Share Media-Rich Content

OWL's robust online exam builder allows you to build a test content library of online activities that can include audio, video, text and/or images. You can control nearly every aspect of test delivery -- randomization of items, shuffling of options, amount of think time, amount of response time, etc. The OWL test builder offers a wide variety of question types that can be applied to almost any learning situation.

TEST Securely from Any Web-Enabled Device

You can deliver testing to just a few examinees or thousands of individuals, selected classes, or groups. OWL allows users to create customized tests with unlimited machine-scored and/or human-rated questions delivered to the test taker through one simple platform. Incorporate flexible think and response-time functions across the entire test, by section or individual questions. Control the number of times a student/candidate can take a test and play or replay media files. OWL is extremely flexible and efficient with features that allow you to reuse test items and sections, to deliver the same test in multiple languages, and to create computer-based multistage adaptive testing. With OWL, you decide when and where to administer tests. There is never a need to schedule meeting or phone time with OWL.

SCORE Automatically and Rate Manually in the Same System

Raters simply login to read or listen to constructed responses like online essays, oral response questions and translation activities. There is no need to transfer files. Standard or custom rubrics can be applied to individual test items, test sections or the entire test. OWL also offers multiple options for scheduling blind assessments and the ability to add pre-populated comments for uniform and consistent feedback. Once results are published, examinees can log in to OWL to review audio and/or textual feedback from the rater.

REPORT on Student and Program-Wide Results

The OWL data warehouse stores all the raw data to perform extensive analytics. Test results can be managed within the OWL Test Management System, or they can be easily exported to the reporting or analytic system of your choice. The OWL Test Management System also includes turnkey graphical representations of test score distributions and cross tab reporting for immediate scrutiny. For users with more complex reporting requirements, OWL also offers add-on customized report development services. OWL captures and stores all aspects of the test takers’ activities. From actual response option selection to time spent on an individual item, data can be used for virtually any metric. Some examples are item analysis, gradebook reporting, inter-rater reliability review, and year-over-year program comparisons. Furthermore, OWL gives you the ability to desegregate data based on specific standards such as student learning objectives (SLO), standards of learning (SOL), ACTFL guidelines, or CEFR proficiency levels.

IMPROVE Your Assessment Cycle at Every Step

OWL gives you the vehicle to efficiently and consistently collect and analyze testing results over time. Results data can become a valuable tool to assess testing efforts, evaluate teaching methods, examine the longitudinal progress and strengths of your programs, and as a means for norming test evaluation. The OWL Test Management System is flexible and scalable to meet the needs of any academic, government, or business organization concerned with enhancing the assessment process and improving outcomes.