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Exam Management Solutions for Every Market

Higher Education

OWL for Higher EducationOWL for Higher Education

The OWL Test Management System is a complete assessment cycle management tool that can be applied to any learning situation. Create, deliver and score customized high-stakes finals, placement exams, classroom quizzes, chapter tests, media-rich practice activities, and more. Discover why some of the world's finest colleges and universities choose OWL Testing Software.

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Global Business

OWL for BusinessOWL for Business

Businesses can create and deliver customized candidate assessments, employee evaluations, compliance testing, and more. OWL gives you the flexibility to create assessment items to replicate scenarios and test competencies that are specific to your profession, industry or workplace. You also can reduce your hiring expenses by streamlining your pre-employment screening exams.

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Certification Boards

OWL for Certification Boards

OWL for Certification Boards

Portable, flexible, and easy-to-use technology eliminates time and space constraints, and allows you to administer your exam to just a few test takers or hundreds. OWL's wide variety of question types allows you to evaluate speaking, listening, reading and writing. Create and share as many tests as you like, with as many questions, in any number or combination of languages.

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K-12 Education

OWL for EducationOWL for Higher Education

Build an assessment program around your curriculum and standards. Author and deliver high-stakes finals; as well as media-rich homework assignments, classroom quizzes, chapter tests, practice activities, and more. With OWL, you can manage test scores; integrate with your student records system; and measure student progress and improve the overall success of your program. 

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Government Providers

OWL for GovernmentOWL for Government

OWL is an ideal solution for administering certification and screening exams online. Government organizations can create customized tests to assess general knowledge or communicative skills against any standards or requirements. Integrated multi-media allows you to incorporate realia to replicate real-life scenarios and evaluate cultural competencies using reading, listening, speaking and writing assessment items.

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