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Case Study | Modern Languages Media Center

College of Staten Island/City University of New York

The College of Staten Island is a four-year, senior college of The City University of New York (CSI/CUNY). The college was searching for a test management system to install in their Modern Languages Media Center that could provide their world language faculty with the following features:


OWL Solution

Flexible AND User-friendly Test Creation

To customize oral exams that simulate real-life situations across multiple languages and levels of proficiency.

Ease of Test Building

OWL's online test builder allows instructors to easily create content that integrates multimedia into the questions, times students’ responses, and randomizes questions in various ways.

Built-in Assessment Function

To grade oral exams on the same platform used by students to record their oral exams.

Robust Rating Module

OWL allows test creators to apply different grading rubrics and/or points systems to different sections of an oral exam. The faculty appreciates the ability to create and rate oral exams on and off campus.

Comprehensive Student Feedback

To give their students direct feedback and the tools they need to practice speaking and monitor their own progress.


Multiple Feedback Modes

OWL offers many paths for providing student feedback. French professors at CSI/CUNY agree that the ability to leave their students oral feedback, within the test management system, directly on the individual's test response is extremely beneficial.

Some of the efficiencies gained by installing OWL in the CSI/CUNY Media Center include:

  • Software training and proctoring efficiencies
  • Streamlined oral exam process for students
    Swift administration of oral proficiency exams
  • Improved program performance monitoring

More than 1200 students at CSI/CUNY are using OWL for 4 different languages. The college performs over 3000 oral proficiency exams each semester.