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Protecting and Respecting our Environment

The OWL Team is Proud of Our Many Conservation Efforts

  • OWL team works remotely 50% of the time
  • Discontinued printing product sheets and marketing collateral
  • New user training is conducted via Web meeting services when possible
  • Training Materials delivered and maintained online
  • Recycling programs for Office Supplies and Electronics
  • ADVENTURES in Online Testing delivered exclusivebly by e-mail
  • Continuous back-office automation for paperless administration
  • Company cafe favors organic and local alternatives

OWL Can Help You be Greener Too!

By using OWL's Test Management System you can eliminate unnecessary paper from the assessment cycle.
  • Create all your tests online
  • Eliminate paper, tape recorders and test booklets
  • Include realia, images, video and audio within the software
  • Preform assessments from any Web-enabled computer
  • Capture all types of student responses within OWL
  • Rate student performance using OWL's rater module
  • Provide immediate feedback automatically with OWL Flight Path
  • Create an electronic portfolio of student performance
  • Evaluate program effectiveness with OWL's Reporting module