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The World's Finest Institutions
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OWL Test Management System

OWL Testing Software is a flexible assessment solution that can be applied to any learning situation. With OWL, colleges and universities can increase testing consistency and efficiency by combining multiple legacy testing systems into one adaptable and complete test management system. Some of the world's leading educators use OWL to reduce the administrative stress of delivering assessments.OWL is ideal for oral proficiency exams and is often used for world language assessments including; less commonly taught languages (LCTLs), speaking proficiency placement exams (SPEAK), learners of English as a second language (ESL), complete world languages departments, and test center management.


Build Assessments
Tailored to your Syllabus and
Standards of Achievement

With OWL, you can create, deliver and score customized high-stakes finals, placement exams, media-rich homework assignments, classroom quizzes, chapter tests, practice activities, and more. The OWL test builder allows you to  incorporate audio, video, text and/or images. You can easily create items that assess all four communicative skills – speaking, listening, reading and writing.


"OWL is a good fit for Columbia because it gives us a lot of flexibility in designing our oral proficiency assessments. With OWL, we can design the individual test tasks ourselves, insert our own rubric, record speaking samples, and perform ratings remotely."

Maria McCormack, Lecturer in Language
Columbia University
American Language Program

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Gain Control of Computerized Testing

With OWL, professors can control nearly every aspect of test delivery. When an assignment can be accessed and by whom. How the items are presented to the student - randomization of items, shuffling of options, amount of think time, amount of response time, etc. Features like Flight Path auto messaging and examinee self-registration help to automate the assessment process and relieve administrative and overhead burdens as well.

Score and Rate Student Performance within the Same System

OWL's integrated rating module gives human raters access to student responses from any location. Performance can be compared with national and international academic standards or custom-created scoring rubrics. Raters can record written or spoken comments directly on the student's response . Once published, students can review these comments along side their original answer. For auto-scored tests  students can receive immediate feedback that is based upon their individual test results.

Professors can Easily Manage Scores and Archive Results Data

The OWL data warehouse enables you to quickly create custom queries or choose from more than 30 standard reports. OWL gives you the vehicle to efficiently and consistently collect and analyze testing data over time. Results data can become a valuable tool to assess recruiting efforts, evaluate curricula, teaching methods and longitudinal progress and strengths of your programs. Results can also be used as a means for norming tests and evaluating your rating process.

Improve Efficiency by Integrating with your Student Records System

OWL site licensed customers can integrate their test management and student information systems. System integration enables student, class and scoring information to move between the two systems. This data can include such details as typed or recorded rater comments on individual student item responses. Some customers take this integration further by taking advantage of the OWL TMS authentication API to verify student identities. Using methods such as LDAP server verification, students benefit by having only one user id and password to remember and universities can maintain a single, secure storage mechanism for student identification across multiple systems.