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Satisfying himagine Needs with OWL Solutions

Seamless Transition

himagine was looking for a speedy and smooth implementation of the OWL Test Management System. They hoped to experience little impact to the recruiting process, candidate vetting, or client onboarding.

Customizable Test Building

Due to the highly specialized content of the pre-employment assessment, as well as the vast number of candidates to be vetted for employment, a must-have for himagine was flexibility to develop a customized online test question bank. The company also wanted features to ensure the integrity of their online assessments which are delivered in a proctor-free environment.

Administrative Control and Automation

himagine was challenged to find a test scoring feedback solution that worked within its internal recruiting processes. Specifically, they wanted automatic scoring, automated response data distribution, version control, as well as the highest level of administrator access and functionality.

Government Mandated Reporting

Soon after implementation of the OWL TMS, himagine had an immediate need to validate ongoing skill development for its existing workforce in preparation for the government-mandated ICD-10 code implementation. This included detailed compliance reporting mandates.

Candidate Driven Process

Because of the competitive nature in the staffing services industry, it was important to himagine that the pre-employment be user-friendly. They were looking for a comprehensive test management system that could both improve internal efficiencies AND facilitate, rather than hinder, the recruiting process.

Robust OWL Test Builder

With OWL, himagine created multiple pre-employment assessments in the specialty areas of inpatient medicine, outpatient medicine, emergency room/diagnostic medicine, and physician services, each of the assessments had very different testing requirements. himagine employed customization features available including shuffling and test question randomization.

System Event Triggered Notifications

OWL listened to these needs and developed an event-triggered automatic messaging report which delivers detailed candidate response data via email to all pertinent departments within himagine. OWL’s system administrator settings allow the himagine compliance team to control the process.

OWL Data Warehouse and Reporting

himagine used OWL to create skills assessments to validate that their existing workforce was sufficiently prepared for the ICD-10 code implementation. Rich reporting available within the OWL Test Management System made it easy for himagine to pull the necessary data to manage compliance.

Automated Account Registration

With OWL’s web-based system, himagine is able to invite candidates to create a user account and automatically register for their assessment. Using OWL, the candidate drives the test-taking process instead of the recruiting team. This provides flexibility for the test taker as well as efficiency in himagine business processes.

About | himagine solutions is a leading provider of healthcare outsourcing solutions with a focus on Health Information Management and related services. himagine has the largest team of HIM professionals in the U.S. that serve various healthcare service providers including short and long term acute care facilities, community based hospitals, physician practices, and outpatient facilities. Their professional HIM outsourcing services include an industry leading managed coding solution along with auditing, registry, and clinical documentation improvement. 

Background | himagine was challenged with finding a versatile platform that provide an efficient and standardized way to manage pre-employment testing for thousands of candidates. Each potential candidate applying for employment with himagine is required to participate in a two-part pre-employment screening process. Candidates must complete a multiple-choice assessment and a phone interview prior to onboarding. In addition to pre-employment testing, himagine was looking for a solution to validate ongoing skill development of its current workforce in preparation for the government-mandated ICD-10 code implementation.

Results | Use of the OWL Test Management System has created efficiencies within the existing business processes, allowing himagine to increase its candidate pool exponentially. Within a year of implementing the OWL Test Management System, himagine administered more than 2,000 pre-employment assessments to candidates looking to join the organization. In addition, himagine was able to use OWL to validate skill mastery for over 1000 employees ahead of the government-mandated ICD-10 code implementation. For future use, himagine has identified additional OWL features, such as digitally captured oral responses, which will ultimately streamline the phone interview process.

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