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Satisfying NBCMI Needs with OWL Solutions

Smooth Transition away from Paper and Tapes

NBCMI wanted to ensure that the transition away from paper and tape assessments went smoothly while maintaining a close adherence to testing standards.

Control Cost of Exam Evaluations

The Board wanted to eliminate the costly and cumbersome process of disseminating candidates' completed tapes and test booklets for evaluation by the Board's raters.

Efficient and Standardized Exam Delivery

NBCMI wanted to deliver their certification exam at various test centers throughout the U.S. They needed a way to manage their assessment process that was cost-effective and efficient, as well as consistent and standardized.

OWL's Integrated Rating Module

With OWL, NBCMI raters are easily able to access the OWL TMS to rate tests. Now raters can listen to responses and score exams from any Internet-enabled computer.

OWL's Web-Based Test Management

With OWL's web-based system, proctors no longer need to be trained on the intricacies of delivering the oral certification exam. This makes the OWL solution not only cost-effective, but also ensures a more homogeneous assessment at any available test locale.

About NBCMI | The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters (NBCMI) provides a professional credential to medical interpreters throughout the United States. The NBCMI allows interpreters to take one certification exam which can then serve as validation of their interpreting skills for any healthcare facility to which they apply across state lines. The Board strives to improve care and enhance the quality of interpretation in the healthcare industry by assuring that all interpreters in a clinical setting have the requisite skills.

Background | NBCMI contracted a psychometric services firm to help them create an assessment for certifying a medical interpreter's ability to effectively communicate between Spanish and English. The resulting exam consists of both written and oral components. The oral portion is a consecutive translation test that alternates questions between Spanish and English to replicate clinical scenarios. It is evaluated with a scoring rubric that was constructed exclusively for this exam. The board was looking for an efficient way to deliver this exam using one consistent platform at multiple testing centers across the United States.

Results | NBCMI found OWL's test management system to provide an ideal vehicle to deliver their certification assessment. In less than one year, the board has delivered more than 300 interpreter assessments through various testing sites throughout the United States. Although the current focus of the board is Spanish, their goal is to expand to include additional languages such as Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, and Vietnamese. OWL's localized user interface and virtual keyboards will help to facilitate and enhance this expansion.



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