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Start Blind Assessments (Performing A Rating)

  • The Start Blind Assessments menu option allows the OWL Rater to select an activity at random from the Blind Pool.
  • This means the Rater can assess the response without seeing the examinee name.
  • The Rater must be placed on the Assignment's roster to receive an assessment request.
  • Assessment requests can be generated automatically when Creating the Assignment or manually using the Assessment Monitor page

 Rater Landing Page

  1. A rater will see this landing page when logging in to OWL.
  2. They simply click on the assignment they wish to evaluate.
  3. If this page does not automatically launch, the rater can also access the page from the
    Assessment menu >> Start Blind Assessments
  4. One completed response will be randomly selected from the Blind Pool and delivered in the OWL Rating Module.

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Rater Intro Video  Performing a Rating Video


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